Speaking: Life Design

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Most people face some kind of adversity in life. While some flourish after failure, others fall behind. What are the strengths and virtues that enable individuals to grow? Men and women strive for life-work balance but few have designed a personal plan to achieve it.

In this presentation, I explain how to design a plan for personal transformation, a New You, that builds on your strengths, boosts your energy and mental toughness, gives you control over your time, develops high quality relationships through authentic empathy and outline a workable plan.

Your strengths

Play on your strengths. People and managers focus on potential areas for growth based on weakness rather than strengths. Only very few identify their unique gifts. You have your natural way to success.  When you identify your own route to success, you can value your contribution to teams, organizations and society. More than that, you will begin to appreciate the contribution of others different from you. Playing on your strengths is self-affirming and encourage cooperation with others.

Your energy

Boost your energy. You can not change the number of hours in a day but you can manage your energy. What does energize you? You have a natural tendency to recharge your batteries. Discover the context that revitalizes you. The world is designed for extroverts to flourish. Yet, close to one half of the population are introvert and they have a quiet but powerful impact. Find out the best strategies to untapped introvert power and understanding leadership for introverts.

Your time

Control your time. You may think that you need more time, yet what you need is more control over your time. You need the flexibility to coordinate your time with those who are important to you (family, friends). Be aware of your sense of urgency and your time demands for work and private life. Then, learn how to negotiate with your organization idiosyncratic deals to balance work and non-work domains of your life.

Your values

Be aware of your values. Can we have it all? The myth of having it all is just that, a myth. You have to make decisions about what is important to you in life here and now. While making value decisions be aware of men and women unconscious bias, the impostor syndrome in women, the glass cliff from which women often hang, men and women sensitivity to feedback and the confidence gender gap.

Your work - Life plan

Develop your work-life plan: Connect the dots and design the life that you want for the future. Face your work-family dilemmas and manage the work-family frontier. Think of the three baskets of life: work, family/friends, and yourself. How much time and energy do you want to put in each basket? Develop  your own plan of self-realization in life now. If you leave family for later, they might not be there when you come back. If you leave yourself for later, you might regret it.