Speaking: Power to Change

power to change

Change is the only constant in life: How do you reinvent yourself, your team and your organization? Charismatic leaders bloom best in times of crisis and change. Charisma is a personal quality with the range of “divine gift”, and extraordinary charm that makes a person capable of inspiring others with enthusiasm.

In this presentation, I share how great leaders pave the way to authentic transformations to mobilize, move and maintain change. They create a vision and build their own credibility, empower others to act on their vision, and build scaffolding structures for long lasting impact.

Create a vision: a path to renewal

Envision a path to renewal:  Visualize the future for you and for others to follow you. A generational shift has reinforced the authentic personal nature of CEO power. New generation employees wish to participate in the decision-making of the company and want to see the social impact of their work. Millennials demand participation and meaningful work from their leaders. If you´re a CEO looking for success with the new workforce, you´d better provide more than a paycheck.

Build your credibility: walk the talk

Build your credibility: Establish an appropriate sense of  urgency and create a momentum to begin mobilize the minds and hearts of people. Managers use their leaders as role models. The more managers share the leadership characteristics of their role models, the more confident they feel in taking new responsibilities and leadership position and the greater their desire to lead in an authentic manner. This way you will be on the road to develop leadership talent.

Empower others to act on your vision

Empower others: Move others to work on your behalf. To build authentic personal power, CEOs need to change the way they relate to employees. The usual focus is on transactional relationships.  However, to achieve authentic personal power CEOs need to develop meaningful and empowered relationships. They need to go further and build social capital around their charismatic vision. This will push a powerful coalition of influence without authority.

Cultivate leadership for long lasting impact

Create long lasting impact:  Maintain change for long term competitiveness. Leave a legacy and build a new context that inspires others to develop. If CEOs don´t make it clear that they behave in the best interest of the organization, they end up overlooking their power. A CEO should be able to find authenticity beyond the limits of his or her own existence to pursue solidarity. Being greater than themselves makes leaders more authentic and influential in the long run.