My experience

Thanks for considering me! As an award winner for teaching excellence at IE, I frequently give keynote speeches and run seminars for organizations such as Cambridge University, Fulbright, Industry Disruptors, Accerlomittal, Gonvarri, PERI-Group, URSA-Iberica, Indra, Morgan Stanley, Banesto, Telefonica, Pfizer, BES, Plus Ultra Insurance, Nuclear Security Council, Graphic Controls and Human Resources Associations.

I speak on topics related to leadership, change and life-work balance. My presentations are based on years of scientific research and deliver in a dynamically way to motivate and energize your audience.

If you are interested in booking me as a speaker, you can send a note with your objective, audience, place and tentative date. Participants will (1) gain new perspectives on leadership critical issues, (2) learn actionable steps to implement change, (3) have a framework that will enable them to adapt their behavior to better suit their needs and goals.

Authentic Leadership
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People trust a CEO who they see as authentic and in touch with his or her inner values.
Authentic leaders give people a sense of control and agency over their collective destiny, that enables them to feel better about themselves, sparking change and transformation. Authentic leaders help their believers to do the following:

Build self-esteem

Tell people how they can play an important role in society and serve as a critical resource in society.

Provide a sense of community

Keep us from feeling that we are alone, and help us see that we belong to a community that works for common values and the good of the collective.

Make sense of reality

Use unassuming rhetoric that brings them close to us and serves as a personal reference; yet maintaining a prudential distance in order to be idealized as a symbolic allusion.

Visualize a positive future

Manage expectations and transform present challenges into future opportunities. They draw a road map with a light at the end of the tunnel.

In this presentation, I explain how to build authentic personal power by finding your passion, leading by example, developing an uplifting mission and pursuing virtue and solidarity.

Power to Change
power to change

Change is the only constant in life: How do you reinvent yourself, your team and your organization? Charismatic leaders bloom best in times of crisis and change. Charisma is a personal quality with the range of “divine gift”, and extraordinary charm that makes a person capable of inspiring others with enthusiasm.

In this presentation, I share how effective leaders pave the way to authentic transformations to mobilize, move and maintain change. They cerate a vision and build their credibility, empower others to act on their vision, and build platforms for long lasting impact.

From Zero to CEO
From Zero to CEO

Pioneers explore the next frontier of life and work. Find out the five characteristics that set apart successful entrepreneurs and leaders. Looking a variety of leaders –from executives of multinational firms to start up founders, from political leaders to sport leaders, I was fascinated on how in times of crisis great leaders reinvent themselves and their organizations.

Great entrepreneurial leaders have faith in themselves, are risk takers, patient, and show highest aspiration and resilience.

In this presentation, I will share a collection of decision-oriented, field-based business cases that illustrate best entrepreneurial business leadership and management practices.

Life Design
Life Design image

Most people face some kind of adversity in life. While some flourish after failure, others fall behind. What are the strengths and virtues that enable individuals to grow? Men and women strive for life-work balance but few have a personal plan.

Managerial thinking around the world has undergone a subtle but important shift about work-life issues. It is now increasingly recognized that unless organizations provide support and flexibility, employees find it difficult to fulfill their family and work responsibilities.

In this presentation, I explain how to design a plan for personal transformation, a New You, that builds mental toughness, and develops high quality relationships to achieve work-life balance. Recognizing that managers play a critical role, I also share how making better use of your time in the office will improve not only employee´s work-life balance but also corporate competitiveness in the long run.

When you find a reasonable balance between work and life, everyone wins. See my article posted at HBR.org