Thanks for visiting my web! This is my personal blog and I post about my professional activities and the general things that interest me. My work revolves around leadership and success, writing and speaking about authenticity, change, and work-life balance.

Here, you’ll find information about my blog posts, videos, and upcoming book on leadership renewal. My goal is to present new ideas on the psychology of leadership that can help you discover your authenticity and how to pursue a positive vision of your future. Using a metaphor with cultivation of crops, you can find how to nurture your unique talents and life experiences under different soil conditions.

Also you’ll find my latest articles, top publications, and my speaking page on Authentic Leadership, Power to Change, From Zero to CEO, and Life Design. Also, you will find resources like videos, media appearances, articles, and business cases.

It’s important to be authentic to truly achieve your leadership goals. Furthermore, being inauthentic is simply hard work. Through frameworks, business cases, and tools I hope to help your develop your unique leadership style.

I believe that success in life has to do with cultivating your authenticity and focusing achieving both personal and professional goals.

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My posts are divided into three categories. Based on more than a decade of research, coaching, and teaching executives all over the world, I write about Executive Coaching, Authentic Leadership, and High Impact Leadership.

Executive Coaching

Leadership begins with oneself. Learn how to be a great leader and a great follower to lead for excellence and constant renewal. Find out what kind of psychological resources are needed to keep you motivating in a leadership role, and how to assess the repertoire of behavioral and emotional strategies to grow your leadership motivation and talent.

Authentic Leadership

Authentic leaders are role models that others use to calibrate their own leadership profile. In my research, I have found that the more people share the leadership characteristics of their role models, the more confident they feel to apply for leadership positions and greater desire to lead in an authentic manner. Being greater than themselves makes leaders more authentic.

High Impact Leadership

Leaders are the glue and social fabric of our society not only for what they do, but most importantly for what they represent in the minds and hearts of the people. Leaders with high impact become the emotional support, the behavioral guidance and social scaffolding for others. They make people feel good about themselves and their accomplishments.

I would love to hear from you and establish an ongoing conversation. Growing YOUR authentic leadership to bring about change for better future is my goal. Fill out a form to Get-In-Touch with me.

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